Kelly Steele

Kelly is a 5th generation Texan who was raised in central Texas. He is a second generation carpenter, turned builder. Kelly has been instrumental in constructing over 85 single family residences and many more commercial boutique projects in his time as a builder. His passion lies in construction and the challenge of bringing each project to fruition.

Kelly got his start in construction at an early age. When he was a young teenager, he started as a framing carpenter for the family business. In the early 80’s he married his wonderful wife Nikki, of the United Kingdom. Together, they moved to Richmond, Virginia in 1985 where Kelly became a framing contract manager in charge of constructing multi-family residences. In the early 1990’s Kelly and Nikki moved to England, where he continued in construction. This time proved advantageous to Kelly’s building career as it familiarized him with true European design influences. They returned to central Texas in 1995 and have been an impactful member of the Marble Falls community ever since.

Kelly has worked with some of the most respected architects and designers in Texas. He wholeheartedly believes in a whole team approach. Kelly is versed in communicating with architects, owners, and design teams to lead every project. He is a hands on builder who enjoys being in the field and overseeing each project personally; allowing him to give his attention to his clients and all the details of their project.

Ronnie Ratliff

Ronnie comes from a family rooted in the Texas Hill Country. He was raised in a family of tradesmen and started assisting on construction projects from a young age. After graduating, his career path has included sales, consulting, engineering, and teaching before returning to construction.

Ronnie provides day-to-day communication with the project team to ensure each job remains on schedule and within budget. Both task and people oriented; Ronnie holds strong working relationships with owners, architects, subcontractors, and engineers resulting in successful
construction projects.

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